Fabpilot combines all the tools your AM lab needs in ONE platform. Save time, streamline operations and reduce waste when you combine the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing with the automation and intelligence of Fabpilot.

File Preparation

Automate file preparation with a suite of tools to process more files, spend less time making quotes, and accept more orders.


Optimize capacity for your additive manufacturing workflow, make the most of every machine, and coordinate your team.


Up-to-the-minute insights into business and production performance. We power data-driven AM factories.

File Preparation

Additive Manufacturing Client Portal

AM Client Portal

Your clients to receive quotes, use 3D tools, and place orders on your website

3D File Repair

File Repair

Identify STL issues and automatically repair uploaded files

3D File Analysis

3D File Analysis

Review the solidity, exposure, and internal structure of your files

3D Lattice Generation

File Optimization

Hollowing and lattice generation with one-click

Additive Manufacturing Collaboration

Collaborative Review

Collaborate in real-time on a secure cloud-based platform

3D Part Orientation


Take the guess work out of finding the optimal orientation for your build

3D Printing Supports Generation

Supports Generation

Auto-suggestions for supports generation

3D CAD Modeler


Preform basic CAD modifications to your 3D file

3D Printing Quotation


Customize materials, options, and costing parameters to create instant quotes


3D Printer Scheduling

Machine Scheduling

Manage your fleet of 3D printers on one platform

3D Nesting

2D/3D Nesting

Densely pack build-chambers for
powder-based AM technologies

Additive Manufacturing Job Management

Job Management

Automatically batch items and assign jobs to available printers

3D Printing Part Traceability

Parts Tracking

Track parts and orders throughout the AM workflow

3D Printer Integration

Machine Integration

Send jobs directly to your 3D printers from the cloud

Automatic Notifications

Automated Notifications

Updates delivered right to your inbox


Additive Manufacturing Production Dashboard


A real-time view of everything that’s happening on your production floor

Additive Manufacturing Production Reporting

Production Reporting

Gain Insights into every machine’s performance

Additive Manufacturing Business Hub

AM Business Hub

Up-to-date insights into the KPI that matter most for your AM business (coming soon)

Additive Manufacturing Production Insights

AM Intelligence

Machine Learning helps you optimize your production and work more efficiently (coming soon)

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