Licenses and Pricing

No setup fees, on-site training, or dedicated workstations

Find The Right Solution For Your AM Factory


$99 /month




$1999 /month

*Available as a paid extra

**Additional Users or Designers available as a paid extra

Unparalleled customer service

Agile Development

We are responsive and adaptable to your feature requests. With an Agile development team, we listen to your feedback and prioritize client feature requests.


The days of expensive and time-consuming setup and training are over. We help to get your 3D printing team up and running in no time.

Lifetime Support

You will always have the latest version updates and on-demand support. Our team is always working to ensure that your team has the latest 3D printing software.


Most frequent questions and answers

No, you are free to test Fabpilot without providing a credit card.

No, your license is a monthly subscription with no long-term commitment. You can add, remove or deactivate user licenses at any time.

That depends on your 3D printing workflow. Our sales team will be happy to review your current production process and help you determine how many licenses would be best for you.

A designer is a special “light license” that provides full access to projects, allowing upload, review and more but does not provide access to any production side tools such as nesting or job management, for that you’ll need a full user license.

Fabpilot’s generic model means it can be used with any machine or material combination, even exotic or experimental ones. Our feature-set is of particular interest to those using powder-based technologies, such as HP Multi-Jet Fusion or Selective Laser Sintering

Fabpilot is securely hosted at OVH. We do not share 3D files with anyone else, and we maintain a strict impermeability between private instances

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