3Faktur scales production and reduces manual labour with Fabpilot

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The Challenges

For its first 4 years in business, 3Faktur was using basic tools for production management and job preparation. With increasing order volumes, they needed more sophisticated solutions to enable scalable processes.

SCALe growth

To be able to manage an increasing number of orders and parts

Increase Productivity

To give each team member the tools to maximize efficiency 

" Fabpilot helps us to enhance our competitive advantage by implementing lean processes to keep costs and prices low "
Markus May
Founder 3Faktur

The Solution

After discovering Fabpilot at Formnext 2017, 3Faktur began to evaluate it as a solution to manage the factory workflow. They selected Fabpilot as it combines functionalities of production management, 3D Nesting, and print job preparation. “This combination of features, as well as the possibility to tailor it to our business processes, has convinced us to choose this solution over others.”

The Results

The system offers a wide range of possibilities, which enables them to tailor it to their business processes. Given the flexibility and wide range of functions, they took some time to get a good overview and understand the full potential of Fabpilot.

Job Preparation

Since implementing Fabpilot, 3Faktur can automatically schedule parts to available machines helping them to quickly prepare files and batches for production. By preparing jobs in advance, 3Faktur saves time and reduces the risk of bottlenecks.


Markus’s team is now able to save 1 hour of manual work per production run. By reducing manual labour, his team can focus on other aspects of the production and sales process.

Machine packing

3Faktur takes full advantage of  Fabpilot’s 3D Nesting for its powder-based printing technology (HP Jet Fusion 4200). The tool was implemented and used immediately. 3Faktur has reported a 2% increase in the packing rate. As a result they are able to reduce the cost per part.

Try it yourself!

If your factory is using HP Jet Fusion or other powder-based 3D Printing technologies like 3Faktur or if you find your team is losing time preparing jobs, give Fabpilot a try in your factory.

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